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  • Percival Constantine writes character-focused action/adventure urban fantasy with an ear for dialogue.
  • Catie Rhodes writes southern-fried urban fantasy that'll give you goosebumps and make you laugh at the same time.
  • Andy Zach, comic paranormal animal author par excellence, turns tired zombie tropes into laughter!
  • Uncollected Anthology: redefining the boundaries of urban and contemporary fantasy.
  • D.N. Erikson is a USA Today Bestselling paranormal and urban fantasy author. D.N's series include THE HALF-DEMON ROGUE TRILOGY (complete), THE RUBY CALLAWAY TRILOGY (complete), and THE EDEN HUNTER TRILOGY (in progress).
  • D K Girl loves to add a dash of something unexpected to her urban fantasy. Want aliens with your witches? Or parallel universes with your ghosts?
  • Long-time science fantasy writer who writes cutting edge, fast-paced superhero fiction with urban fantasy elements.
  • Akaria Gale writes fast-paced urban fantasy romance with gutsy heroines and the dashing men who love them.
  • Urban Fantasy in a Lee Child style.
  • Inside Lauren Stewart's books, you'll find suspense, sarcasm, heat, twists, strong characters, truly evil villains, and a giant dose of humor. Because what doesn't kill us should make us laugh.
  • Author for those who love to escape this world. Mostly #SciFi and #Fantasy. The weird beckons to me. I blame Oregon.
  • Andrea Pearson writes fast-paced and engaging fantasy with fun characters and heart-pounding action!
  • Trish Heinrich writes heroic urban fantasy with amazing female protagonists!
  • Ainsley Winters is a barista extraordinaire who also happens to be a witch, though not a very good one. But when her brother’s best friend winds up on the CIA’s most wanted list, working for a dark mage who is threatening a spell that puts the whole country in danger, Ainsley is recruited to help the CIA find their rogue spy, and maybe just save the world while she’s at it.
  • Rick Gualtieri loves to write adventure, mayhem, and snarky dialogue. His bestselling Tome of Bill series combines all of this into a world of supernatural danger with hard-hitting action and plenty of sharp-tongued geeky humor.

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