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Step 1: You Provide a Book

Promote whatever book you want within the giveaway parameters: new books, old books, novels, novellas, ebooks, hardcovers, paperbacks.

If you can provide it, we can promote it.

Step 2: We Provide the Materials

Contest landing page? Check.

Awesome grand prize? Check.

Contest graphics? Check.

Newsletter and social media templates? Check.

Tips and reminders via email? Check.

Step 3: Everyone Promotes the Contest

You share the contest with your newsletter and social media audiences. We share the contest with ours.

Step 4: Readers Have Fun

Readers sign up via one of our mobile-optimized contest pages, choose who they’d like to follow, and have a chance to learn more about the authors involved.

Step 5: Celebrate!

After the contest ends, we provide data about the contest, and the winners’ info so you can send readers their prizes.

(Don’t you love a happy ending?)

What Authors Are Saying:

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NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

BookBub Follower Submission Form – Winter 2018

Authors, publishers, and other professional book folks… we are pleased to announce a new version of our popular BookBub Follower service!

For the first time, we’re excited to offer authors the chance to participate in a BookBub Follower promotion at any time.

That’s right. No more looking at the schedule, thinking, “Darn! No BookBub Follower promotions in my sub-genre!”

From now on, we’ll collect books in every sub-genre, so we can run BookBub Follower promotions all year long and get you the highly-targeted readers you want!

To submit your book for a BookBub Follower promotion, all you have to do is fill out the form below! We’ll let you know by email if you’re accepted for a slot, when it will run, and how to submit your payment.

If you’re accepted, the cost of participation is: $50

(We also have a 10% discount available for self-organized groups of 15-20 authors.)

We look forward to reviewing your submission!

Please Submit Your Book Details Here:

 “Increasing my BB… followers is a critical piece in my marketing plan. Thanks for the amazing increase! It really counts when it comes time to release a book or announce a sale. Thank you!”

Holly Bush, Historical Romance Author

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I want to increase my BookBub Followers?

Good question! Here are a few reasons:

1) Your BookBub Followers receive email alerts whenever you have a new book for sale.

2) BookBub also sends New Deal alerts to Followers when you feature a book on their site, helping to increase the success of your promotions.

3) The more notifications readers receive about your books, the more likely you are to stay top-of-mind and generate sales!

What kind of results should I expect from the promotion?

While results can vary, most authors report around 300-500 new BookBub followers… with some seeing as many as 1,000!

What kind of book should I promote?

While we don’t recommend promoting books that are already free, anything else is fair game.

Since you’ll be promoting the giveaway primarily to your own audience, choose the book that you think is most likely to excite them to participate and share the contest with their friends.

Recommendations include: New books, the latest book in a particular series, and higher-priced box sets.

If I recently joined, when should I sign up again?

We generally recommend spacing out promotions in the same sub-genre by 60 days for best results.

Please feel free to participate in another genre or sub-genre, as appropriate.

How do I track how many new followers I gain on BookBub?

To track your BookBub Followers, log into your account and visit this link here.

How many winners do I send a book?
Our contests only have two winners, so you only have to provide two copies of your book (unless otherwise noted).
Can I participate if I'm a traditionally published author or enrolled in Amazon KDP Select?

Yes! Promotions are open to both traditionally published and indie authors.

Authors with books enrolled in KDP Select are also welcome to participate – this service does not violate Amazon’s Terms of Service.

What's the best way to provide books to the winners?

Good question! For indie authors, we recommend offering books via BookFunnel or InstaFreebie (or as a coupon code via Smashwords).

If you’re a traditionally published author, you can send a physical copy OR offer an ebook as a gift via Amazon or Barnes & Noble (or you might contact your publisher to see if they can help).

Still have a question? Visit our brand new support center.

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