Claimed by the Dragon’s Venom

His toxic touch may be her undoing... or her only chance to heal

Pulled from the rubble after a brutal attack, will this traumatized woman find healing and love in the arms of a noble dragon shifter?

Kendra Novak will never trust anyone ever again. After losing her family to genocidal invaders, the courageous survivor clings to life after being tortured and left for dead. But she’s shocked when a powerful dragon-shifting warrior comes to her rescue, just as she prepares to draw her last breath.

Partnering with the rugged being to battle their relentless foe, the resilient young woman senses a connection with the stranger guarding her back. But she’s terrified of the gorgeous shapeshifter’s venomous mating ritual and fears she’s too broken to fully open her heart—even if it means saving both their peoples from extinction.

Can Kendra reclaim her faith in others and surrender to his venom for a passionate forever?

Cold Case

A roaring blizzard. A rest area in the middle of

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