Second Chance in Maplewood

Ella falls for her grumpy neighbor, a single dad whose fierce protectiveness over his child is as tender and strong as a bear guarding its precious cub.

Ella Forster has a crush on her grumpy neighbor, Henry Mitchell.
Henry is a lawyer from San Francisco. He moves to Maplewood, the hometown of his late wife, Christi, with his daughter Lily. Henry’s not a guy for small talk, and he’s like a bear guarding its cub.
Ella is the town’s sweetheart. Warm, kind, and basically a walking ball of sunshine. She’s also Lily’s math teacher, and they hit it off right from the start.
Ella’s got a past, though. She’s got love scars from her ex, Alex, who happens to be Henry’s ex-best friend. While Ella and Henry are tiptoeing around each other, they discover that they were both played by Alex.
Will Henry continue being the gruff, or is there a chance at love with Ella?
Maplewood is the place to be for love, hope, and maybe a second chance at happily ever after.

"***** A sweet romance about a math teacher who falls in love with her grumpy neighbor, who is a single dad. Ella just adores the little girl. The grumpy father sees that Ella truly loves his daughter, and it softens his heart. A heartwarming tale that will move your heart. *****Very readable story. A lot of heart and family first. I loved the small-town setting and the brick school house. *****Love, second chances and forgiveness. Was nice to read."

About the Author

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