In a black and white world, sometimes your only choice is to live in the grey spaces.

As a freshly minted Bureau of Souls agent, Keiko Miller figured her first week wouldn’t be too stressful.


A drug-dealing Yokai spirit, a powerful crime boss, and a mortalization client seeking protection immediately prove that being a Bureau Agent is a lot more complicated than she counted on.

All Keiko wants to do is a bit of research in the Bureau’s archives to help her secretly get her mom get back to the mortal plane. Keep her head down, stay out of trouble, and quietly mine the archives for magic spell.

How hard could that be?

Within days of accepting her badge, Keiko must choose between the values in her heart and the oath she swore to uphold…


Shadowed is part of the Little Yokai urban fantasy series where the Japanese supernatural spirits known as Yokai wander the physical plane. Bureau of Souls Agent Keiko Miller has an oath to protect the innocent and bring justice to the guilty. She also has a secret of her own: she’s part Yokai. And she’ll have to protect that secret like her job and her life depend on it, because they do.

"Walker's Yokai series is fast paced and polished, with an engaging world that entertains and still manages to take a hard look at our world — it's fun with a soul."
— Maureen McHugh, Hugo Award winning author of "China Mountain Zhang"

About the Author

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