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The Corvid Master
They live among us!

Independent journalist Beatriz da Costa is on her way to a secret meeting with a clandestine environmental group having vital information to share about a biotech company and its covert activities in the mountains just east of Seattle, Washington. As she arrives in the mountains and starts to hike in to the wilderness, she makes a wrong turn and is attacked by birds, ravens and crows, as she ascends to the summit. A large black bird swoops down, seeming to attack her. The young woman loses her balance, falling into a ravine, crashing into a fallen tree rendering her unconscious.

She wakes up in the care of a strange family, the family of Xander Corvid, the President and CEO of a large international biotech conglomerate. Rather than treat her as a trespasser, she is welcomed by the tall, handsome man and his entire family. She remains on the Mountain under their care until circumstances begin to cause her to wonder why she is being treated for injuries she doesn’t have.

She senses something is amiss; the Corvid family senses something peculiar about her. By the time Beatriz leaves the Mountain, her brother and father have become entangled in the intrigues and maneuverings of the Corvid family and their top-secret projects.

Who are they and what do they want with Beatriz and her family?

Enter Emily Cho, journalist for a major west coast newspaper who is following a story about the CEO, his family and his company. Complicating the matter, Emily was once romantically involved with Xander Corvid.

Ro-ro, something is up.

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