The Origin of You

A Grumpy Military Age Gap Romance

I’m a grumpy you-know-what, and that’s why sweet young things like Evie should stay the hell away from guys like me. Doesn’t mean I’m heartless, though.

It’s fine if she’s mad at me, but I draw the line at her blaming herself for anything. Maybe that’s why I can’t stay away? Whatever. It all comes to a head when I agree to do one of the guys still in the hospital a good turn — and find I’ve been played by upper management. I don’t care if the damn lawyer is completely fictional, he’s not sleeping with my Evie. Period. End of sentence.

She’s mine.

I think Duke is grumpy because he’s embarrassed by what a genuinely good man he is. He makes my insides go squishy, but he’s never given me any sign of hope. Until he tells me he only smiles at girls he doesn’t want to kiss? How does that make any sense? Are glares his secret love language?

And now he’s on my doorstep ranting about lawyers and installing better locks on my doors (because he really is a good guy). Do I dare hope he’s now willing to be loved like he deserves?

The Origin of You is the prelude to the rest of the Tough Guys Read Romance series and delivers on its own happy ending. All the books can be read as standalones, but this story will explain IPDIESAC and how the guys’ romance book club took shape inside ACI.

About the Author

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