The Redemption of Garry Jones

An intriguing tale of greed, gambling and murder in Macau and Shanghai.

Dodgy boat dealer Garry Jones is run out of Hong Kong when his once-lucrative business falters and he is charged by the police over fake ownership papers for a new car. The hard-drinking, hard-womanising Jones lands in Shanghai, where he teams up with old business associate Mister Near. But it quickly becomes apparent that it’s a case of out of frying pan into the fire, as Jones becomes embroiled in Mister Near’s numerous get-rich-quick schemes – most notably trying to attract high rollers to the gambling tables at the Macau casino complex in which Mister Near has a stake. All aided and abetted by brilliant but morally bankrupt lawyer Frank Lee Addick, escaping his own grubby past. After a harrowing meeting with his violent and bitter father and the tragic death of his girlfriend’s son in a typhoon, Jones questions his own self worth and searches for meaning in an increasingly murky world. Things begin to spiral out of control as a Macau bureaucrat is murdered in a business deal gone wrong, with Mister Near the prime suspect. The noose tightens as the authorities close in. Finally, the Shanghai office is raided by the police and all present are arrested on charges of illegally soliciting gamblers for the Macau casino. Jones is faced with a decision: continue on a path of self destruction or change his ways before it’s too late.

""I couldn’t put this down. The pacing is excellent and as the tension builds the sense of foreboding becomes palpable. I’d already met the protagonists in “Bauhinia Star”, but they seemed more human and empathetic in this novel. Great read." ............... "An interesting read that gives us insight into the adventures of expat Garry Jones’s life on the shady side of the law." ............... "This guy has clearly lived in Asia. He's got the expat life down. I wish this entire series was one book""
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