The Thief’s Keeper (An Enemy’s Keeper Prequel)

A runaway thrall. A "cursed" thief. One last quest for freedom.

A runaway thrall. A clever thief. Together, two orphans will defy destiny or fall trying.

In the aftermath of a rebellion against William the Conqueror, northern England lies in ruins, its people scattered and starved.

Aelfric, a 14-year-old thrall, flees from his master and stumbles upon a cache of stolen laundry. The thief? Aliwyn, a girl around his age ostracized for being “cursed.” In her care is a lost toddler she has rescued from the clutch of greedy thrall traders.

Forced to cover each other’s secrets, Aelfric and Aliwyn form an unlikely friendship…and maybe something more. They embark on a perilous journey to reunite the child with his family during the Easter festivities and seek a cure for Aliwyn’s mysterious condition.

But time is running out. Aelfric’s master is on the hunt, and the shadows of death loom ever closer over Aliwyn. Will they find the courage to press on and defy fate, or will their quest end in capture and ruin?

Immerse yourself in a fast-paced tale of unforeseen twists and heart-stopping challenges. The Thief’s Keeper is a thrilling young adult novel that transports you to an alternative medieval world, where Celtic-inspired tribes live alongside the last Vikings. Discover a tale where friendship triumphs against insurmountable odds.

""Wow! Adventures, grace, mercy, incredible world building, and a heart-warming story. Truly a perfect historical fantasy to introduce a reader new to fantasy or just in love with great storytelling."

"This book was so gripping I started at midnight, and though I DID put it down for a couple hours of sleep, I finished it within 18 hours of starting. I just couldn’t stop. The heart break, the triumphs, and the FEELS... the book ends on a very strong hope point that I absolutely loved."

"This action-filled story doesn't let up for a minute, propelling me from one dire event to the next...the found family in this one warmed my heart. So poignantly written.""

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