Three Sheets To The Wind

Best friends. A drunken confession. A bluff that changes everything.

Usually, my best friend Blaze throws a big party on Saturdays, invites the whole campus, and chugs vodka-spiked Lemonade until he’s three sheets to the wind.

Tonight, everything is different. It’s just us. He bought a lot of beer for himself, and he took longer to dress himself up than ever. Why bother?

Four beers later, he drunkenly confesses that if he ever were to be with a man, it would have to be me. I couldn’t stifle a laugh, as we all know that drunk people say the wildest stuff, but that smile got wiped off my face fast when I found out that the beer he bought was alcohol-free.

Why pretend to be drunk and then confess something like this? Does he want to do things with me but can’t admit it to my face? Why am I so drawn to see how far he would go with his charade?

Three Sheets To The Wind is a gay, new adult, friends-to-lovers erotic adventure following college roommates Blaze and Jace. The story contains mature themes, language, and explicit sexual scenes. This standalone short is part of The Secret Collection.

About the Author

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