Welcome To Trinity

Every story has a middle, an end... and a beginning

From the outside, the city state of Trinity is an enigma: ancient settlement, industrial powerhouse, hotbed of technological innovation – a shining beacon that drew Clar Triebel across a continent in search of a new life. But inside the city walls lurks a darker reality, one far dirtier and more dangerous than they could have imagined.

When a maverick Authority agent comes calling, Clar thinks their time is up. Instead they strike a deal that gives them new purpose, fighting for the soul of their adopted home.

But sinister forces plot in the shadows, and Trinity’s secrets are buried deep…

WELCOME TO TRINITY is a prequel to the thrilling ENTANGLEMENT series, which begins with the time looping mystery of ECHOES…

Praise for ECHOES:

“Wow, what a ride… Such a clever story, full of twists and surprises”

“A pacey read with plenty to puzzle over.”

“A fast and furious tale… a time looping puzzle!”

About the Author

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