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Frequently Asked Questions

A high-quality email list of readers is (arguably) the greatest asset in any author’s marketing toolkit. With an email list, authors have control — you can directly connect with readers, sell your books, and turn them into superfans without relying on 3rd-party sites like Amazon and Facebook.

Good question! While an email list offers you the most control over your message, other platforms like BookBub and Amazon (among others) offer mechanisms for staying in touch with readers, as well.

With BookBub, for example, your Followers receive email alerts whenever you have a new book for sale. They also send New Deal alerts to Followers when you feature a book on their site, helping to increase the success of your promotions.

But whether we’re talking about BookBub or Amazon or Facebook or Instagram, the same truth applies: the more notifications readers receive about your books, the more likely you are to generate sales! 

Short answer: Yes!

We have worked with authors in virtually every publishing situation imaginable. Whether your book is traditionally published, indie published, enrolled in KDP Select, or only available on Tuesdays and February 29th, we can make it happen.

If you can write it, we can promote it. Simple as that!

Whether you’re an author of fiction or nonfiction, we’ve worked with it all — from romantic comedies and vampire thrillers to inspirational guides and epic space opera.

Having trouble deciding which opportunities best fit your book(s)? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Good question! Registration provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to our list-building and audience building promotions.
  • Access to our Discoverability Engines to drive free traffic to your Pen Name, Freebie, and Sweeps pages.

Freebies (also known as Reader Magnets) are free books, novellas, excerpts or samples you are able to offer readers in exchange for their email address.

BookSweeps’ new Freebie directory provides a filterable search engine where readers can find and filter Freebies using a wide wide variety of criteria controlled by you.

Yes, coming soon! For now, you can add a link to your sweepstakes on our site: whether it’s a Facebook giveaway, new release giveaway, list-building giveaway (or whatever you come up with), you can feature it for free in our new Sweepstakes directory.

We’ve already had 150k+ unique visitors and 350k+ unique visits this year or about 40k every month, and quickly growing. That’s free traffic to your books — why would you turn that down?

If you’d like to test out the site, it’s simple enough to register for free. If you’d like to upgrade to unlock more features, you can join BookSweeps Premium.