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Enjoy 14 Speculative Fiction Short Story Anthologies for $2.99 each! (Ends 5/1/17)

  • Hungry aliens. Futuristic shoppers. Medical androids. Killer teddy bears. Janitors with raptor DNA. They're all in one book.
    14 Sci-Fi stories from authors like Nebula nominee Jake Kerr and 2012 Writers of the Future winner William Ledbetter...
  • Twelve Fantasy Stories to Help Your Imagination Soar...
    A compilation of twelve previously published fantasy short stories from three acclaimed authors...
  • Experience the freedom of the road, the wind whistling by, the way a bike can transport you from the mundane to the magical!
    Four fabulous urban fantasy stories collected for the first time in a single place!
  • Everyone loves a hero...but sometimes we can't help but root for the villain...
    "If you’re a comic fan, this will fit you too a tee, and even if you’re not, this is still a collection of well written and fun stories." ~ SFReader
  • Weren't there enough deities with godly powers messing our universe already? Did we really need two more? Seriously.
    "A sly wink at classical mythology"
  • Book View Café's Fifth Anniversary Celebration...
    Including stories by Ursula K. Le Guin, Vonda N. McIntyre, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and many more, Book View Café celebrates its fifth anniversary with an anthology of our favorite stories.
  • An evil genius desperate for toast. An ancient dragon enjoying a modern coffee shop. These tales will catapult you to the far side of your imagination.
    Funny, frightening, and always memorable, these stories will touch your heart and leave you with a sense of wonder.
  • Sick of the namby-pampy vampires and hipster witches in mainstream fiction?
    Between these pages, blurring the lines of good and evil, are gothic stories for modern times.
  • Nine pet loving sci-fi romance authors take you out of this world and pull you into their action-packed stories filled with suspense, laughter, and romance.
    Library Journal's Best Books of 2016 -- E-Original Fiction Pick for Best Genre Fiction!
  • What if the Emancipation Proclamation included freedom for automata with souls?
    In a world where the human soul has proven to be measurable and transferable to an automaton, the question arises: is the robot a person?
  • The key to Blythe Cove Manor B&B is in its magic.
    Join Blythe Calvert and her unwavering wisdom as she directs her guests to discover the hidden secrets of their past or an intriguing glimpse into their mysterious future.
  • The gods and demons of ages past didn't simply give up and walk away when people stopped believing in them. They're still here. Still real.
    "If you like short stories with supernatural elements, this is one you really need to check out." ~ P. Burroughs
  • Alchemy changes more than dross into gold. It changes steampunk stories into stories of magical transformation.
    These thirteen tales combine science and magic into do-not-miss alternate history stories that span the globe.
  • Science fiction? Set in the woods?
    Twelve veterans of the camping experience, both seasoned and new authors, present tales born in the woods, home grown around the campfire in the oldest of storytelling traditions.

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